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Our Machinery

Due to substantial goal oriented investments during the previous decades, we could upgrade our technical equipment and machinery to be on the cutting edge of the developmental processes in tool- and mold construction.

The funding Thüringen-Invest enabled the purchase of a new machine. More information about the 5-axis machining center Hermle can be found under "milling".


3D CAD (Pro-E) construction

Our networked design office with different 3D CAD CAM plants (Pro-Engineer, Cimatron) ensures optimal quality in tool design development and in construction completion of tool series. All data formats, e.g. Step, Iges, Vda and Sat or DXF or DWG can be read and processed.




Conventional sawing, milling and lathe technology. Here the active tool components are sawn and prepared for the hardening process, i.e. with the appropriate grinding tolerance, for example with tapped holes and starting holes.



3D station milling (5- or 3-axes milling centers )

4 pieces Fa. Fehlmann:

year of manufacture: 2000 / '07

1 Stk Fa. Hermle:
year of manufacture: 1995

The 3D contour milling and the hard-finish milling is carried out on 3- and 5-axes CNC plants manufactured by the company Fehlmann with travel distances of 700 x 420 x 610 mm. The tool designing is achieved by a 3D CNC Hermle plant.

year of manufacture: 2015
travel distances: 850 x 700 x 500mm
control:  Heidenhain iTNC 530
NC-rotary table: ø 650mm
Aushang Förderprogramm Thüringen Invest



2 conventional lathes
1 cycle-controlled lathe

On conventional and freely pro- grammable lathes rotationally symmetric parts (tool components +
E-Cu- electrodes) are pre-processed and finished up to Ø 200 x 500 mm.



Grinding machines

Surface grinding machine company Jung with sine bar clamping table / sinusoidal bench
Grinding area: 500 x 250 mm
Surface grinding machine Okamoto
Grinding area: 600 x 300 mm with fixed table
guarantees 100% plane parallelism
Circular grinding machine company Chemnitz
Ø 100 x 300 mm grinding length with two tips only


Blasting plants

Jets for metal surface treatment

Due to our micro-blasting system Peenmatic, we are able to specifically treat surfaces and produce defined surface structures to increase the removability of plastic parts from the mold as well as their durability and lifetime, for example for cutting punches and die plates. During these processes, several blasting abrasives as well as glass beads are used.

SMicrostrahlanlage Peenmatic

Erosion process

Wire erosion

4x EDM wire eroding machines of the company Fanuc
Travel distances: 550 x 380 x 300 mm, equipped with standard wire
Ø 0.25mm
1x micro-EDM wire eroding machine of the company Fanuc
Travel distances: 350 x 220 mm x 150 mm, possible equipment with wire from Ø 0.1 mm up to Ø 0.05 mm

Electric discharge machining Fig. left
Electric discharge machining (Zimmer & Kreim), zero-point mounting systems (Erowa) with controlled C-axis
Travel distances: 565 x 400 mm
tank size: 850 x 60 mm
Start hole erosion
(BT2), Fig 2 /right
- bore diameter Ø 0.5 - 3.0 mm
- bore diameter < 0.5 mm
Startlocherosion und Mikroerodieren

Laser engraving

3D laser engraving plant (Foba)

Our freely programmable laser engraving plant from the company Foba is used for the marking (possible up to a type height of 0.3 mm) and adjusted material removal processes, even on 3D surfaces.


Laser welding

Laser welding plant (Cronitex)

It is hard to imagine modern tool construction without laser welding technology. The laser welding plant manufactured by the company Cronitex adds special filler metal to the tool to be welded and said filler metal is then melded by means of laser beam on the tool surface without any weld penetration.


Electrode manufacturing

Graphite electrode manufacturing

on the machine PICOMAX 60M

The electrode construction + manufac- turing program are carried out by using software from the company Cimatron.
The graphite electrode manufacturing is performed on a 3D CNC milling plant from the company Fehlmann with the following travel distances:
500 x 350 x 610 mm in the clamping system of the company Erowa.


Measuring room

Measuring room

Fully air-conditioned
Multi-sensor measuring machine

Video check IP 400x400x400 3D CNC
- Creation of initial sample test reports
- Data feedback:
    (measuring+ digitizing of e.g. older tools or active components, also free formed surfaces, to produce 3D data and 2D Data + drawings for the new manufacture of these parts.)
- Optically and tactilly in one clamping
- Fiber sensor with tactile ball
  Ø 0.15 mm



During the course of time, we have become more specialized in the field of mold construction for technically complicated parts (including free formed surfaces).

- 100-t die-spotting press
- polishing station with ultrasonic
  device - 2 x 5-t crane runways